About Lisa Wishoun-Day


Lisa Wishoun-Day

Even though I have been in the insurance industry for 14 years, I always worked in other insurance fields, until my dad became Medicare eligible and fell quite ill at the same time. I spent several hours a day, for several weeks, trying to understand the Medicare website, decipher Medicare Advantage plans and compare them to original Medicare. The task was overwhelming, and I was an insurance agent! How were seniors able to figure this out for themselves and make an informed decision?

Sadly, he did pass away and it wasn’t until afterward that I met a lady – while walking my dog of all things – that was a Medicare Advantage agent. If only I had known her! She told me about Medicare Advantage plans that I had no knowledge of at the time. I felt like I missed the boat on my dad because even as an insurance agent, I was not aware of the coordination of care available to help seniors. So, I immediately began learning everything I could on the plans and became a certified Medicare agent. Now I know this is where I was meant to be all along, I ended up finding my passion out of tragedy and no longer feel like I am working but instead taking care of people I love. My clients are like extended family members and getting the help they need with Medicare.

I thank God each day for leading me to find my calling. Every day is a joy and a pleasure as I get to meet new people who will also become part of the family! I enjoy making sure they have all their needs met, not just insurance needs, but also making them aware of community programs that are available. Programs that could help them live a less stressful life, help pay their electric, food, gas cards, and keep their prescription cost to a minimum. We, my team and I, want to help seniors to enjoy their golden years in any way possible.

Our team has grown significantly and continues to expand as I meet more and more people with the same passion to help Seniors. Based in Houston, TX but also licensed in FL, LA, MA and TN, we WANT to help as many Seniors as we can. Feel free to give us a call and we will make sure you have everything you qualify for! And if you have a passion for helping Seniors to live their best life and looking for a rewarding career, give me a call as well.