About Don Mays


Don Mays

Don Mays grew up in a church going family where he learned the value and principles of ethical behavior. Committed to act in the best interest of his clients. Providing them the loyalty and the care they deserve. Don has a heart for seniors and understands the ins and outs of Medicare as he is also a client. He knows how difficult it can be to decide between plans and all the bells and whistles each plan offers differently. He will search through all the plans to find the best options for the clients to decide between, narrowing down their search from about 50 plans he will look through to about two or three for the client to decide between. Giving his clients peace of mind knowing he looked at every angle and after doing his needs analysis, found the right plan for them.

Don is not only a Life and Health agent, he is also a Property and Casualty agent, so he is able to assist with all of your needs.

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