About David F. Wishoun


David F. Wishoun

I have been in retail management most of my life, but during COVID I decided to change paths. I always loved working with Seniors, I took care of my grandmother till she left us, and I help to take care of my mom and my elderly neighbor now. It’s where my heart is. My sister said I should go into insurance to work directly with Seniors. I had no idea just how much I would truly enjoy this career, but I feel as though I have finally found my true calling.

Helping Seniors to get everything they qualify for and to ensure they never have to decide between food and prescriptions. We offer to help them find local resources to help them live better lives, such as extra help through social security, or the program that helps pay their electricity bills saving them money to purchase more food. Anything and everything I can do to help them live their life without struggle, I will do.

I have lived in Houston area since 1992, where I moved to be closer to my family that had moved here. I have two wonderful children, a daughter and son, who are also now studying to also become licensed insurance agents. My home is Montgomery county, which is where I concentrate most of my business but I can work with anyone in the state of Texas that needs me.