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Insurance Brokerage 

Planning for your secure, financial future 

requires time and careful thought.  

  • Find the right Medicare plan
  • Protect your assets
  • Protect your loved ones
  • Build a savings strategy
  • Retire securely and comfortably
  • Effectively plan for the distribution of your assets at retirement
  • Leave a legacy to your favorite Charity
  • Ensure your business' ongoing success
  • Provide you and your employees with the benefits they need and deserve.  


Services offered, 

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Medicare Supplements

Medicare Advantage part C

(Must Call for Part C)

Delta Dental Insurance ​

Humana Dental Insurance

Vision Insurance

Prescription Drugs part D

(Must call for Part D)

First Primary Care

Telemed + Dental, Vision

Major Medical Under 65

Short term home health

Hospital Indemnity Policies

Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke Policies

Final Expense insurance

Life Insurance

Accident Insurance

Accumulation IUL

Protection IUL

UL with LTC


(Must Call for Annuity quote)

Risk protection

Retirement Distribution

Legal insurance

Travel Medical Insurance

Notary Public service

Bonded and Insured

Lisa Wishoun-Day,  Roger Craighead, Kristi Jeu & Raymond Stiles

Licensed & Certified Insurance Agents

Dedicated to helping people make informed, educated decisions about their retirement and Medicare coverage options.  We are here to help, to listen to you.  Your financial journey will be as unique as you are.  Don't settle for anything less than a personal financial strategy designed with your specific needs and goals in mind.  Feel free to ask any questions.  We have been in the safe money financial options business for over 25 years and helped thousands of local residents to achieve their goals.  We will only do what is right for the client.  We answer to only one boss, God, and we were put here to serve you.

Our Products and Services

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Do you know ALL the options available to you?  Some as low as $0 monthly cost with additional benefits?  

Timing matters when you enroll, do you know when?

It is WISE to review your choices EVERY year.

What does part A and Part B cover?  How much does it cost?  How do you enroll?

What is Extra Help through SS?  Can you have both Medicare and Medicaid?  What are the different levels of Medicaid and how do you qualify?  

Do you feel overwhelmed and confused by it all?  

Would you like someone to explain it to you so you will understand?


Protection is the foundation of planning. None of us expect to have an accident, become seriously ill or die too soon.  But it happens, often without a warning.  When it does, it can leave those who depend on you in serious financial trouble.  

It is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Have you taken a look at your current insurance lately to see if it still is adequate to cover your family at a time of loss?  When is the last time you had a check up on your policy?  Are you familiar with all the different options available, some with living benefits?  Have you heard of be your own banker?  Have you thought about how life insurance can help fund College tuitions?

Defined Contributions

Does your company offer you a pension plan?  Fewer and fewer are.  Do you have more than one or two strategies lined out to help bridge the retirement financial gap?  Would you be interested in learning about tax deferred or tax free options?  Are you worried you might outlive your money?  Would you like to know how to make sure you don't even if you live to be 100?  We are living longer than ever.  How comfortable are you with the amount you have saved for retirement?

Small Business

Are you a small business of 100 or less employees?  Do you have a business partner or key man that you wouldn't know what to do without?  Have you thought about your exit strategy for when you retire?  Do you need tax savings?  Are you able to attract, reward, motivate and retain high quality employees? Executive bonus plans?

Working together, we can establish a plan using the most appropriate tools to meet your personal and business needs.  

Protection and Asset Accumulation

It’s important to determine what you’d like to achieve financially and then map out a strategy that will help you meet those goals. The good news is that it’s never too late to start!  Identifying your planning needs is one thing we help you to determine.

It is said that people don't plan to fail - they fail to plan.

You owe it to yourself and to those you love.

Take control of your financial future by planning for LIFE today!

Planning will provide you with peace of mind and protect the assets you have worked so hard to accumulate!

Call us today for a free no obligation consultation.

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Safe Money Investments with guaranteed lifetime income options

We believe protecting your future is the foundation of planning.

Will you live to be 80, 90, 100 or more?

Plan now so you can enjoy the retirement lifestyle you want, when you want it.  There are a number of options to help you plan for your retirement income needs, including those that can provide a guaranteed  income, even if you live to be 120!  These have no market loss, guaranteed interest rates that vary by product and company.  We help to determine which would be the right one for you by doing a full and complete analysis of your current status plus your future goals.  There are no consultation fees for this service.

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Medicare Advantage Policies with extra benefits

Most Part C Medicare Policies offer additional benefits such as Dental, Vision, Transportation, Health clubs, and some have security alert systems.  Some even have over the counter shopping available to save you on everyday items.  Part C plans can have litte to no monthly premium.

Looking at supplements?  Which one would work best for you?  There are ten Plans standardized by the federal government.  Each is labeled with a letter.  All plans with the same letter offer the same benefits in Texas and range in cost by which plan letter is chosen.  They are called Medigap Policies through private insurance companies that help pay for out of pocket cost not paid by Original Medicare (part A & B).

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